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Spread Prevention and Eradication of Resistant Bacterial Growth

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Gemstone Team SUPERBUG | Our Mission


Over the years, the overuse of antibiotics has contributed significantly to the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and the rise of multidrug-resistant bacterial infections. With current treatment methods becoming less and less effective, such infections have become an urgent global health concern in dire need of new treatment methods.

Project Description: 

Team SUPERBUG is an undergraduate research team as part of the UMD Honors College: Gemstone program. We are focused on contributing to current research on solving the issue of antibiotic resistance. The goal of our research is to successfully remove resistance from an antibiotic-resistant bacterium using CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing technology in order to re-sensitize the bacterium to antibiotics. Our project involves using bacteriophages (bacteria-specific viruses), which contain the CRISPR-Cas9 technology, to infect and deliver this gene editing system into antibiotic-resistant bacteria. With this treatment method, antibiotics that were previously ineffective can potentially be used to treat multi-drug resistant infections.

Our Timeline:

Donated funds will go towards the purchase of laboratory materials, equipment, experimental samples, and analysis of our results.

By donating, you can help give us the unique opportunity to participate in undergraduate research and to contribute to a meaningful cause, all while advancing our understanding and application of cutting-edge biotechnology.

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Basic Lab Supplies

Welcome to Donor Level 1! Each and every dollar matters: Please help us afford lab supplies so we can do our experiments smoothly and with utmost quality :)


Bacterial Research

Move up to Donor Level 2 and help us afford bacteria to research and materials to conduct our experiments with!


Gene Editing

Rise up to Donor Level 3 and help us afford the materials needed to construct our custom gene editing technology!


Bacteria and Virus Stock

Soar up to Donor Level 4 and help us afford bacteria stock and viral vectors for delivering our treatment!


Conducting Trials

Welcome to Donor level 5! Your contributions will help with the most pressing and important trials of our lab. This covers creating our own gene sequences, conducting trials, and exporting lab samples to analytical facilities.

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